We, as women, completely understand the frustration and difficulty in purchasing any apparel, especially swimwear in this day and age! 

To help you with your Moali shopping experience, we have created this sizing chart to assist you.  



Please use this chart as a basic guide, we know every body is completely different as we all have unique shapes and curves.

If you are inbetween sizes, we would recommend sizing up, due to the firm and snug fit of our signature Moali fabric. 

Generally, if you wear a size 12AU in jeans, shop that size in your Moali bottoms. Similarly, if you wear a size 14AU in tops, shop that exact size in your Moali tops. Having said that, you lovelies know your body better than we do, so if you feel confident in purchasing a different size, then that's your jam. 

If you ever make a purchase with Moali the label and you aren't happy with the fit, you are more than welcome to return your items for a store credit, so that you can re-purchase another size. More information is available here on our Returns page

If you have any questions or concerns about sizing, please feel free to reach out to us using this Contact Form