It's our mission to help women of all shapes & sizes feel confident. We are all about normalising normal bodies.

At Moali, you'll be able to see what our designs look like on bodies just like yours. From boho beach babes to new mammas and everyone in between, our functional designs and stand out prints flatter women of different ages, stages, shapes, and sizes.

Moali the label aims to be inclusive of women of varying shapes and sizes. We created the label because we wanted to show our swimwear to you in our perfectly imperfect bodies, with our lumps and our bumps. We wanted to "give permission" to women to see a body like theirs in these fabulous pieces, and see a woman just living her best life at the beach, at the pool, down the river, on the mat, at the gym.

We wanted to show women that even though we are not "media perfect", we can still ooze confidence, have fun, feel sexy, and not miss out on life just because we don't look like the models used in mainstream media. Our goal is to show our swimwear on relatable figures so our customers have confidence in our brand. Another thing we pride ourselves on is that Moali the label is 100% true to size. 

It is also really important that our business is as friendly to the planet as possible. We have chosen a fabric which is manufactured in Italy from reclaimed fishing nets and other ocean and landfill waste. This fabric is one of the best choices for swimwear available. It is of premium quality, has outstanding shape retention and maximum durability, plus it's UPF 50+ and chlorine resistant, so it will last for many year to come. 

Our swimwear is made locally right here on the sunny Gold Coast. So you are supporting not just our business, but other local businesses by purchasing our swimwear. 

The fact that you‚Äôre reading this shows that you care ‚Äď even just a little ‚Äď about where your money goes. In a world where consumers are faced with so much choice, it‚Äôs important to put your dollars into businesses that do their best to create a better world. Money is an exchange of energy and putting your energy in the right places can change the planet.¬†




Moali the label is a new, fresh brand and we want to start our footprint in the fashion industry on the right foot. We believe that sustainability is not a luxury, but a necessity, and that our customers are becoming more and more educated about the brands they wear and the impact they have on the environment.

Now, more than ever, we are starting to understand the damage we have done to our beautiful planet.

"The one thing we all have to do is simply not waste. Don't waste plastic. Don't waste power. Live within our means without inflicting damage on our plant" - Sir David Attenborough

We use the highest quality Italian Carvico fabric made into regenerated nylon from recycled fishing nets and other nylon landfill and ocean waste. It's exactly the same as brand new nylon and can be recycled, recreated and remoulded again and again. By purchasing Moali swimwear, you are helping to eliminate pollution & create a more sustainable future. 

We have also chosen to use compostable garment bags & mailing satchels when we post your items to you.  If you can contain your excitement when you receive your Moali package in the mail, and don't bust the mailing satchel wide open, it's possible to re use the bag. If however, you just can't help yourself and tear open the bag, pop it into your home composter, and the bag will break down in 120 days or less. 

There's no sweatshop labour involved in the making of our swimwear. Our pieces are handmade slowly and ethically right here on the sunny Gold Coast. 

Finally, we have chosen to partner with Sendle to deliver your packages to you. Sendle is Australia's first 100% carbon neutral shipping service. 




We don't want any skin cells in distress at Moali the label, so all of our swimwear is made from fabric rated with UPF 50+ sun protection. 

UPF is the standard used to measure the effectiveness of sun protective fabrics. UPF stands for ‚ÄúUltraviolet Protection Factor‚ÄĚ and indicates how much of the sun‚Äôs UV radiation penetrates a fabric and reaches the skin. UPF is associated with fabric and you will see a UPF rating from 15-50 associated with products that claim that they are sun protective. A fabric with a rating of 50 will allow only 1/50th of the sun‚Äôs UV rays to pass through. This means the fabric will reduce your skin‚Äôs UV radiation exposure significantly because only 2 percent of the UV rays will get through. This also means that it blocks both UVA and UVB rays while SPF only takes the UVB rays into account.

So not only will you be protecting your skin from the sun, you will look fabulous doing it!  





Moali the label's swimwear resists fabric breakdown more than 5 times longer than your average chlorine-resistant spandex. With the proper care, our products are designed to last. 





While it would have been a whooole lot easier just to use pre-designed fabric prints that many other labels settle for, Moali the Label is a combination of designs by our fabulous Gold Coast based designer, and soon you will see some in-house creations. The time involved in finding our designer (we had to find someone who fitted our vibe), the actual design process, followed by a trillion trips to our printers to see if we finally had the colours right, was all worth it x1000 when we saw our first samples in the original Moali print! 






We source the highest quality Italian Carvico fabric made into regenerated nylon from recycled fishing nets. This fabric was chosen with you in mind, as it hugs your curves and lays smooth over your body. 

Visit our Fabric Care page to learn how to best take care of your swimwear. 




There are so many driving forces behind the label, but the main reason is wanting to encourage other women to love their bodies! Love your body just as it is today. Moali is for EVERY body. You don't need to go on a diet for summer. If I can help just one other woman to feel confident enough to put on her Moali the label swimwear, and head to the beach feeling like she can conquer the world, then I'll be one happy lady!! 

For so many years, I was a triangle bikini wearing girl. It had been drilled into me that swimwear other than triangle bikinis was just not attractive. This, along with  the one-pieces that I did see around, which were black, boring and just unattractive, led me to the conclusion that one pieces were for old ladies! (stay with me here!!) 

Fast forward to my 'new life', having gone through a lot of self-development and personal growth, and a body that had gone from a size 10 to a size 14, I no longer wanted to wear my old triangle bikinis. I searched online for pretty one-piece swimwear, and to be honest, I didn't come up with much. And the one-pieces I did find that weren't black, and were modelled on girls that were so much smaller than me. I just couldn't visualise what it would look like on my size 14 frame, and didn't feel confident to wear them anyway.

I did manage to find a leopard one piece from a random online shop.  I bought a size 16 just so it would fit me lengthwise (I never bought swimwear in my usual size, it NEVER fit me). I remember getting it in the mail, and trying it on for the first time. When I first pulled that suit on, I felt so dang sexy! It had a high cut leg, a low v neck and the back didn't come all the way up. Nothing like the other one pieces I had seen around the place.  

It was mind blowing for me that I could still feel so amazing & confident, even though I was in a one piece! And even though I was bigger. This was just ground breaking for me! 

At the same time, I was filling my wardrobe with a lot of pretty floaty boho skirts & dresses, and was frustrated that I could find so many gorgeous clothes to suit my bigger frame, but there just seemed to be a distinct lack of swimwear on the market.  

This ignited something inside of me. I wanted to create pretty one-pieces that made other women feel as good as when I had first tried on that leopard one-piece! And I wanted to model them on real women, just like me and you. So you can see what it would look like on your body!  And I didn't want my customers to have to size up. 

Of course, once I started with the one piece, my creative juices were flowing and I thought why stop at one lonely little one piece! So welcome to the initial collection, which includes 2 one pieces, 4 tops and 3 bottoms. There are so many more varied shapes in the pipeline, which I can't wait to share with you. 

I want this brand to show everyone confident, sexy, empowered women in our Moali swimwear who look like you and me. You don't need to be a catwalk model to feel good about putting on your bikini and heading to the beach. You don't need to be a swimwear model to feel like one. 







An organisation that is changing people's lives and dear to our hearts is Hearts of Purple, a charity that was set up to end the cycle of abuse  

Hearts Of Purple was founded in 2017 after the brutal murder of Teresa Bradford.  Teresa’s ex husband David Bradford,  broke into her house during the early hours of January 31st 2017 where Teresa and their four children were sleeping. He left their four children as orphans after murdering Teresa, and then committed suicide.

After assisting the children and family of Teresa through the months, it was noted by community members that there were many holes within the current system which needed to be fixed to ensure the lives of other victims of domestic violence were kept safe and alive. It was then that not for profit Hearts Of Purple was formed with a dedicated volunteer committee from various walks of life, and various personal stories of abuse and growth after escaping.

To support their vision & to help eliminate domestic violence, we pledge to donate $1 from every sale to Hearts of Purple to help women, men and children in need of help. 

If you would like to also personally help Hearts of Purple with a financial donation, or donate physical goods or volunteer your time, please reach out to them via their website.