What does Moali mean?

Bali is not a place, it’s a mood and a tropical state of mind. Inspired by the luscious and tropical surroundings, it was during a trip to the Island of Gods that Bree, a Gold Coast entrepreneur, stumbled upon the name she would later call her swimwear and lifestyle label. 

Given the warmth and friendliness of the Balinese people, coupled with Bree's bubbly nature, she was soon chatting with locals and learning some of the local Balinese dialect. One of these phrases was “suksma” (thank you), which you respond with “suksma mewali” (you're welcome), which can be shortened to just “mewali”. 

Having been exposed to a past relationship where she was never ‘good enough’, and constantly striving for unattainable perfection, not to mention mass media only showing smaller models in their swimsuit campaigns, it was on this trip that Bree finally felt like she could take a breath, and just be herself. She felt like she didn’t have to suck her stomach in by the pool, or wear makeup when she went out, or cover up her swimsuit while she walked on the beach.  

Knowing that she wanted to create a space where all women felt safe to just be themselves, without judgement, without feeling like they needed to look a certain way, after all these years of constantly being told by mass media that only theeese bodies were acceptable at the beach or the pool, or only these bodies are sexy, the concept of “you’re welcome” just seemed to feel right.

So, a little adaption to the spelling, and that’s how we became Moali the Label (prounnounced mow-ah-li) You're welcome xx 

Balinese sunset Jimbaran bay